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We provide the best injection service at home in the Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi areas. We are the best injection service provider in all of Punjab. Our staff is available 24/7.

Many of us in life face illness and different disease issues. Whenever we went to the hospital the doctor checked us and if we were suffering from bad condition they prescribed us to have an injection. The speed of injection in recovering the bad condition in front of medicines is faster.

  • What is an injection service at home?

An injection is a method of injecting a sterilized fluid type of medicine into human tissues deep within the skin, usually with the help of a pointed, thin syringe or pipe.

  • What are various types of Injections whose servicesare available at home?

Medical injection consists of different kinds which are explained below:

  • Intravenous Injection service at home:

An intravenous injection which is also known as IV is a kind of injection of medication that is used to be injected into the veins of human body or straight into the bloodstream. For this injection, a much- trained nursing medical staff is required because finding a vein for an injection is difficult. There are various veins in the body of a human and some veins are too thin that even they are not found. Intravenous injection is given when there is no possibility of giving medication to the patient through mouth. Experienced nursing staff can only do this. Injection service at home of intravenous is available at home if you are in need of this service then contact ANA-Care® Patient Care Service Company for this facility. They provide fully trained nurse staff of medical.

  • Intramuscular Injection service at home:

Some of the injections are being injected directly into the muscle tissues of the human through which the liquid in the injection tube quickly gets absorbed in the stream of blood. Vaccines are given in an intramuscular way to the individuals. Intramuscular injection is given in the thigh muscle, deltoid muscle of the arm, hip muscles and buttocks muscles. These types of injections are being used when oral, IV and subcutaneous type of injection doesn’t work. At ANA-Care® we have a professional and registered medical staff of male and female nurses who provide this type of facility of injection at the doorstep of the patient’s home.

  • Subcutaneous injection service at home:

Subcutaneous is a kind of medication injection that is given to individuals below the surface of the skin. This kind of injection uses a small needle and this drug is injected by a nurse in the tissue layer which is in the middle of muscle and skin. The angle of subcutaneous injection is about 45-90 degrees which is pinch into the skin. When this injection is given it takes 24 hours to soak up in the body of a human instead of intravenous injection. The areas for subcutaneous injection are as:

  • Arm upper outer area
  • Thighs inner and outer sides
  • The area of the abdomen, away 2 inches from the navel.
  • The upper area of the hip.
  • The buttock`souter upper area.

If you are looking for someone who will provide you wih home injection service then you can consult with ANA-Care® Home Healthcare Service Provider Company which will provide you with experienced workers.

  • Intradermal Injection service at home:

An injection that is administered in the dermis, under the epidermis is known as intradermal injection. Its time of absorbing in the body instead of others is lengthy. This type of injection is given to the patient if they are facing the disease issue of TB, allergy or anesthesia. The size of this injection needle is 26 or 27 and the angle is between 5-15 degrees.

If you want the service of intradermal injection at your home then contact ANA-Care® Company of Home Healthcare Services today.

  • Depot Injection service at home:

A depot is a type of injection in which medication of this formulation is slowly released into the tissues in the body of humans.  These kinds of injections are made just for those types of individuals who refuse to take their medications on time to expand the time of their medicine.

If you are looking to get this service at the house then feel free to consult with the Home Healthcare Services Provider Company ANA-Care® and get the facility in your home.

  • Can I getinjection service at home?

Are you finding someone who will come to your doorstep and provide you with the facility of injection what are you waiting for? It is definitely possible to have the service of injection service at home.  ANA-Care® Home Healthcare Services Provider Company provides professional workers of medical for in-house injection service. We have experienced male and female medical nurse staff which will visit you at your place and give you this facility.

To get this service, you just have to contact UAN # 0321-4894-443 by your phone so dial our number today and get this service at your home.




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