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Home Nursing Services

We provide our nursing service at home in all areas of Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. We are the best nursing service provider in all of Punjab. Our facilities for the care of nursing are available 24/7.

Home Nursing Services

Having disorders and illness are part of life. Nobody wants to have these issues but mis-happenings are continuing with life. These misfortunes aren’t in anybody hands through which they can stop moving towards them. After having mishaps these victims need more attention medically to get out of this but in this busy life, no one has such a special time to give them. They need 24/7 hours of focus and just want to get healed at their homes.

They need special treatment for a speedy recovery. They will require dedicated long-term care or entire nurse home care in these situations. Every one of these services is included in the umbrella of home nursing services.

ANA-Care® home healthcare services are here to provide you with all these types of home nursing services care in the comfort zone of your home. We have trained and experienced professional nursing staff that will help you provide medically all care for the patient. We are a private firm to help people in this crucial time by providing the best nurse attendant for home. Hire today medical nurse at home. We offer our care services of nursing at home in Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Faisalabad, and Gujranwala even in the overall cities of Punjab.

24/7 Care Service:

The service of nursing care is incomplete without understanding. Most people pick us for in-home nursing care because of our concerns. At ANA-Care®, you will get properly trained and experienced staff of nursing for your patient. Our nursing attendants are licensed.

These nurses are being educated properly on how to medically handle a patient, take care of it and help them speed recovery. These professionals work very hard for the recovery of the patient by providing them with all comfort and attention.

We provide our nursing service at home in all areas of Lahore, Islamabad, and Rawalpindi. We are the best nursing service provider in all of Punjab. Our facilities for the care of nursing are available 24/7 hours.

Furthermore, these experts include both short and long-term care nurses. These services of nursing include in-home care for aged individuals and for those children who are being unwell or have a mental or physical illness.

Our nursing staff is experienced in the following tasks:

  • Analysis of Health
  • Injection and Drip
  • Taking care of wounds and changing dressings
  • Checking Blood Pressure
  • Catheterization Care
  • Post-Surgical Care
  • Caring for disabled

Why is there a need for Nursing Services?

When your loved ones get sick they need medically more attention and care as guided by the doctor instead of the normal days. Due to busy schedules, you often can’t notice them as you want to do it.

So in this situation, you need someone else who provides proper medical care to your loved ones to get rid of this bad situation.

In this period of difficulty, you can consult with ANA-Care ® which occurs with the opportunity of hiring nurse staff at home at just one call on UAN # 0321-4894-443.

We provide professional and registered staff that takes care of patients suffering from any kind of disease like mental or physical disability, accidental issues or elderly care at the doorstep of your home. With all that in view, hire a nurse on call in Punjab anywhere you want for the best private treatment. We also concentrate on curing the semi-acute and incurable patients in their houses.

Why Choose Our Nursing for Home Service?

We believe that everyone deserves the best, most trained, experienced, and certified medical care team available to them, through which they can heal faster at the easiness of their home far from the crowd of hospitals and the stress of seeing other chronic patients.

All these home nursing service at home are available at reasonable prices. We don’t compromise on the quality of our work.

Our patients are very satisfied with our given services. It’s just because we have trustworthy, dependable and well-grounded employees who perform their best in treating the patients




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