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ANA-Care medical attendants give coordinate care and show your family guardians.  Any administration that should be possible securely y a non-medical individual (or independent from anyone else) with the supervision of the attendant, isn’t viewed as considered nursing care.
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FAQs with ANA Care

ANA-Care home healthcare services is a registered organisation, serving to our clients. we are serving by Nurses, physiotherapist,  caregivers, babysitters, and Doctors.

01. What is ANA Care?

ANA Care physician is selected by his/her peers through a proprietary polling process. Only currently listed Best Doctors are eligible to nominate and vote in the Best Doctors poll. Best Doctors are among the world’s most renowned medical providers.

02. Do you offer Continuing Medical Education credits?

Yes. Physicians are eligible for a Category 1 CME credit by reviewing a case for Doctors, Inc. or by reading a case a Best Doctors Expert has written for your patient

03. Why do organizations offer Best Doctors?

Because they recognize the challenges and stresses that can occur when someone is uncertain about a medical diagnosis or treatment plan. Best Doctors helps people make medical decisions with confidence and ensures that they are getting the right care. It supplements the work of the member’s own doctor(s) and does not replace it.

04. Do I have to travel or collect my own medical records?

No. You contact ANA Care and we’ll handle everything for you. All your contact with ANA Care is over the phone or online. You do not need to travel or contact your doctor(s) to obtain records, images or other information related to your case.

05. Who are the experts who review cases?

ANA Care conducts an ongoing poll of physicians to identify the highest quality providers. It is the largest, ongoing peer survey in the medical industry and the only Gallup-certified polling process of its kind. Specialists are typically affiliated with world-renowned hospitals throughout the world. For each case, ANA Care identifies the expert(s) from the network best qualified to work on the member’s case.

06. How does the ANA Care consultation process work?

A qualifying treating physician or patient who is facing a challenging clinical case contacts ANA Care. Our clinical team collects all relevant case information and medical records.

07. How does ANA Care decide which physicians to poll?

Only currently listed ANA Care Doctors physicians are eligible to submit nominations and vote in the poll. Doctors do not survey the medical community randomly or in its entirety.

08. What are the clinical requirements for a Best Doctors physician?

In addition to receiving consensus of peer support, all physicians are evaluated on clinical activity. Listed Doctors must be accessible to existing and/or new patients in order to qualify for inclusion. In addition, physicians must have a current medical license free from any disqualifying disciplinary actions.

09. Once a ANA Care physician is selected, does he or she remain on the list forever?

No. The peer review process requires that every listed ANA Care Doctor be re-evaluated by their peers in each biennial poll.
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