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Are you suffering from diabetes and need someone who will care for you in this condition, gives you medicine at the time, and maintain your daily basis activities or you are the one who is facing symptoms of diabetes and want to make it sure but can’t go to the lab due to some conditions so don’t need to worry ANA-Care® Home Healthcare Services Company will help you in this regard by providing the staff for care or a person who will visit you at home take your blood samples and we will give them to the lab and after getting reports it will be delivered to you.

How ANA-Care® will help you in this crucial time?

The firm ANA-Care® is known as the best Healthcare Services Provider Company at Home to the patients just because of its focus and priorities to their clients.

  • What are the symptoms of diabetes?

These symptoms of diabetes include both types of diabetes type 1 and type 2 which are as follows:

  • The hunger gets increased.
  • The thirst also gets increased.
  • You will see losing your weight.
  • You will face frequent urination issues.
  • The fatigue will get on an extreme level.
  • You will have sores that will never cover-up.
  • You will have blurry vision.

In type 1 diabetes you might face mood swings. Type 2 diabetes could also lead to recurrent infectious diseases. This would be because high blood sugar amounts make it even more difficult for the system to mend.


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01. Symptoms in men

The men faces generally the symptoms of diabetes are that their strength of muscle may get poor, the sex drive gets lower and erectile dysfunction.

02. Symptoms in women

The women facing diabetes issues commonly have indications like the urine gets frequent, the skin will be dry or becomes itchy and the infection of yeast.

Our Expertise

Diabetes is a disease that is long-lasting and in which the food becomes energy in the body that affects it. Mostly the meals of yours that you take are crushed down into the glucose also called sugar and spreads into the bloodstream. It is a type of disease in which blood sugar gets high. When the level of your sugar in the body gets rises, the pancreas is prompted to produce humulin (insulin). Insulin is a factor that allows blood glucose to enter the immune tissues and be used as power. Insulin is a factor that allows blood glucose to enter the immune tissues and be used as power. If you are facing the issue of diabetes then the insulin will not get produce insulin or should use it in such a way that will be needed to use. In the bloodstream, the glucose blood will take place at a big level, if the insulin or cells do not give respond to the insulin at the proper time. The diabetes treatment includes only medications and exercises through which the disease should get prevented.

03. Gestational Diabetes

This type of diabetes is being found in women who are at their pregnancy stage. If you are going through disease in your pregnancy so your child is not safe and might face many issues of health. After the delivery, gestational diabetes gets finished but the chances for type 2 get high.

Diabetes Type:

Normally, 3 types of diabetes exist which are type 1, type 2, and gestational (during pregnancy).

Type 1 Diabetes:

The physicians till now didn't get to know that what's the actual reason behind the diabetes of type 1. It might be an attack on the body made mistakenly by itself after which the immune system doesn't make the insulin.

Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes type 2 is very different from type 1 as it is found in 90%-95% of peoples and the body doesn't utilize insulin and the level of blood glucose don't get normalized. At the start, you don't feel any signs of it but it's necessary to have a test of blood sugar to make sure that either you are suffering from it or not. By having a healthy style of life you can get safe from this disease.

Type 3 Diabetes

The percentage of people who gets suffer from this type is around about 5%-10%. Its indications grow very rapidly and normally the children, teenagers, and the adults that are young face this disease. After having this, the only treatment for it is to get insulin on daily basis otherwise you can't survive.

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