Caregiver Services
Caregiver Services

Caregiver Services

Caregiver Services:

  • Caregiver Services at your home:

Caregiver Services, we all require help whenever our near ones get ill or reach retirement age. In this time they want more observation, love, and care in their daily routine work. Sometimes due to our busy routines, we can’t pay them that type of importance which we cannot give them. As a result, they just need assistance in most basic tasks like bathing, moving, and having medicines on the time. Such types of person’s if not get proper attention then they may be get affected by accidentally falling or slipping. The other problem which is often ignored is loss of movement and lack of vitality.

For this treatment, caregivers are hired whose only work is to take care of the patient in a well-mannered. These employees are being trained properly that how to handle a patient, take care of it, give them food, and managing out their other daily basis activities.

Caregiver Services at home in Lahore.


  • What type of Caregiver Services does ANA-Care® Home Healthcare Services Company provide?

Due to a variety of reasons individuals want some special care, so it is necessary to provide them this care service in their house after seeing their proper requirements and demands. After having such kind of person who gave your elder ones or loved ones proper care and time you can relax about that they are having the best entertaining, inspiring and engaging care in the home and it’s only possible due to your trust which you do properly on the caregiver staff. Our staff is very cooperative, hardworking, and responsible and friendly that took care of their patients, and manages their activities very carefully.

ANA-Care® Home Healthcare Services Company deals in different categories of caregiver services that are as:

  • Care for Physical Disabled Patients:

Patients who are having disorders physically want more care and focus on them especially those children that are been disabled from their birth. These kinds of the child from childhood till grown-up process required special care in every matter/work of their life. If you need the best caretaker service then contact ANA-Care ® Company of Home Healthcare Services that provides the best services of caring at your doorstep with professional staff.

  • Care for Mental Disorder Victims:

Some of us in life suffer from different kinds of mental illness and disabilities which are part of life. They can have memory issues or any other kind of mental issue in which they need to have a best care service staff that will help them in getting out of these kinds of mental disorders.

  • Elderly Care:

Everyone gets old; no one stays young and powerful in life as it is. Getting older is part of life and at that age, people required more attention and care in performing their daily activities. For hiring the best staff of patient care taking contact ANA-Care® today that provides the finest facility of elderly patient care.

  • Care After getting Discharge from Hospital:

Are you having discharge from the hospital and need extra care for curing fast so don’t worry we will help you in your crucial time. We are known as ANA-Care® which is an agency that gives patient care services at home with the help of its experienced and trained staff.

  • Care after Surgery:

People after having big surgeries like heart surgery, C-Section, joint replacement, organ replacement, or any kind of operation need more protection after going home. So if you need to hire someone who took care of your dearest ones then contact us today for the best surgery care services.

  • 24/7 hours care:

If you require someone who assists you 24/7 hour with proper medications and handling your overall daily base activities so no don’t worry you can get hired staff for the 24/7 care.

  • Companion Care:

Nobody can live alone in life. Everybody needs someone who talks to them, make them laugh, and stay with them in every aspect of life but unfortunately, some individuals stay deprived of it so in this case for having companion care just contact ANA-Care® who is providing service of care-taking for the patient at their best level and provide you with the person who is most suitable for you.

  • Why Select Home Patient care services at home from ANA-Care®?

ANA-Care® Home Healthcare Services Company provides the best patient care service at home. We have professional skilled staff that provides these facilities in the home. We have different caregivers/aya that went to provide their service. We are the best in-home care service givers that are very cautious about their client’s needs and take full care of them. So contact us today at UAN # 0321-4894-443 if you are from Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, or any city in Punjab.

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